Microsoft Excel Free Download, Microsoft Word Free Download, Microsoft PowerPoint Download.

Microsoft office is a very important software on your computer is actually a collection of computer programs which are made by Microsoft so this package contains programs.

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft word which is a text editor you can create letters makes any document by using the MS word. Microsoft Word download link is available.

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet format so you can maintain a lot of your data on this project and do a lot of calculations addition subtraction and many more formulas you can use on Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

There is Microsoft PowerPoint for preparing representation in your class or your office. You can use this particular program to make your presentation. You need a PowerPoint download for PC for your presentation.
Microsoft Outlook:
Microsoft Outlook if you have multiple email accounts and if you want to manage all your emails from one place or if you want to manage your emails effectively. If you are looking for Microsoft outlook download then you are right this is a very good program for manage emails.

Microsoft Access:

Microsoft Access which is a database the program so if you have to save a lot of data and then you want to use a user-friendly form to insert the data and then save it in a database format then you can use Microsoft Access.
There is Microsoft Visual in which a with the help of which you can prepare a flowchart and many advanced level diagrams three basic programs which we use very often especially for beginners to computer then we use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint let's start with Microsoft word
If you want to open the Microsoft Word program then we will go to start wheel scroll down and we find Microsoft office free download and here is Microsoft Word we can also type a word.

How to create a document in Microsoft Word, How to use MS Word?

After the Word office download “We can open directly after open you can just right click on the desktop of your laptop or computer”
  • Go to new and then Microsoft Word document so it will ask you here itself what name you want to give to this the particular file you can just say talk one.
  • Then click and open it if you open it from the program.
  • There is a default document that gets open that is document one then you can go to file option when click on save.
  • Then it will ask you for the location where exactly you want to save this particular file so the current location of this file is uses and text of if you want to change it.
  • You can go to this PC select any try if there is already a folder in which you want to see if you can click on that folder or you can create a new folder my files double slit.
  • You can save it there not this is a letter from of Microsoft Word document so you can just type my first letter and then you can click on shift and the left Arrow and you can select whatever or you can just select with the help of mouse then you can change the font of whatever you have typed from here whichever want you to want to select you can be selected from here you can change the size from font bar it is very important to first, select the content and then do the steps otherwise it will not have any the effect then you can change the color from here you can highlight it from here and so on you can do a lot of stuff you can just press enter and go to the next line.
  • Then you can insert a lot of things like insert table, picture, Clip-art shapes and then you can change the layout you can insert themes and a lot more things so this is just basic want so that's.

How to use Microsoft Excel?

  • Microsoft Excel open it so Microsoft Word was a letter kind of a format it was OK if we see a plain A4 size paper it looks little with similar to that and we can just insert whatever we want to but when you open Microsoft Excel has more like a spreadsheet format so there are a lot of selfish are individual cells and if I click on particular cell and I know that cell size in if column F and row number 9 I can find the cell number of computer is F9.
  • I can make a lot of changes here I can insert data text data odd number database insert any number and then if I want to do just a total of this thing is equal to you can run a lot of families is here so just equal sum and then you select see you get up from here and similar to Microsoft word you can again make changes to font resize it and many other things a lot of formulas and functions are mentioned here so which will be covering in data with use, this has Microsoft Excel the same way we can just save it any location whenever you want extra and it gets saved with the name.

How to use Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint any title here my presentation in here so which will be coming in the editor with you this has Microsoft Excel the same way we can just save it and it gets saved with the name Microsoft PowerPoint you can insert any title here my presentation then you can insert more slides with whichever contact content you want which are the content you want and you can insert pictures music files table charts what anything that is required for your presentation and you can just click and add new flights from here and then again in the same way you save it from Microsoft PowerPoint works to learn more about this individual program.
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